“Joy” double solo comeback after another, from August to September G-DRAGON & SOL of BIGBANG

September and August, SOL and G-DRAGON of BIGBANG will notice a solo comeback after another, it is tickle the hearts of the fans.

Summer this year, 2nd full album of SOL to solo comeback 2nd full album of G-DRAGON has attracted the expected featuring the (Missy Eliott) Missy Elliott is a female rapper worldwide, for the first time in three years the K-POP Industry It is expected to be in even more hot. G-DRAGON, of 2nd full album + music program appearance + solo concert first, a G-DRAGON which had been digested a busy schedule in recent world tour.
He is scheduled to August 18, is the 25th birthday of its own, to show off the comeback stage for the first time in music program along with the launch of the 2nd full album. Net delivery of the sound source is carried out on August 14, four days before it. Since August 18 is the birthday of this year’s G-DRAGON is, that Sunday adverse relatively in net delivery of the sound source, I have moved up the time.

That Missy Elliott is a female rapper worldwide participated as featuring is known to this album of G-DRAGON in particular, has become a hot topic before release. G-DRAGON took part to the production of the album and songwriting songs of this album. New song of about 10 songs be included in the album. Two days of September 1 and August 31, G-DRAGON is also held solo concerts Seoul in Bangi-dong (Ban’idon) Olympic Gymnastics Stadium further. This is expected to encore concert Upon final solo world tour, new song stage of the 2nd album is added.

#SOL, Every time a solo activity, expected growing to full album release …

climax, three years SOL was to satisfy fans in the near-perfect performance always. “Staring at me only” be hit one after another, “WHERE U AT”, “wedding dress” and “I Need A Girl”,  has ever increasing expectations for solo activities.
In particular, rather than as BIGBANG,  solo in 2009 with “The 6th Korean popular music award” Best R & B · Soul department song award and album award, 2010 “Mnet Asian MusicAwards” male singer award, 2011 SOL is, “eighth It has won in succession the Music Man Male award
of times this year South Korea popular music award “Internet users chose. Such SOL is largely due to the fact that the notice in September comeback is 3 years solo song in 2010 “I Need A Girl” and later, expectations of fans has increased to fever pitch.

The 28th, to convey the news of the  solo album of SOL to be released in September through the official blog tomorrow Yang Hyun-seok representative of YG entertainment (29th) announce the good news of BIGBANG members of another news and more about the album of “SOL left the writing of “to.

Source : news.kstyle.com
Engtrans : chacha (sorry if it’s chaos) ^^


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